Health & Safety

The Health & Safety management system of R&C Williams Limited meets the requirements of BS OHSAS 18001 and is registered within the BM TRADA Certification scheme for approved Quality Systems.

At R & C Williams Limited it is our policy to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health and safety of our employees and anyone else who may be affected by our work activities. We are committed to the prevention of injury and ill health and continual improvement of our health and safety performance. The minimum standard we will adopt will be compliant with legal requirements and appropriate codes of practice. However, our aim will be to fulfill the spirit of the law and not just comply with technical requirements. We will assess the risks from our work activities and will operate according to the procedures that best promote health and safety at work.

We accept our responsibilities for health and safety and are committed to giving health and safety equal importance with other business matters. We will ensure that the resources necessary to achieve the objectives of this policy are made available. We are looking for your cooperation to enable us to fulfill our legal duties and the objectives of this policy. To promote co-operation, procedures for consulting you are built into the policy. The contents of the Occupational Health and Safety Manual will be communicated to all levels of staff and copies will be available in the office and on the company’s website. It is your duty to follow the standards and procedures laid down by us.

Machines and equipment that enable tasks to be carried out safely will be provided; these will be maintained to ensure their safe operation. If you are required to operate machines and/or equipment you will be provided with appropriate training. Any other training and instruction necessary to ensure that you know how to work safely will also be provided. Where exposure to hazards cannot be prevented by any other means, appropriate personal protective equipment will be provided and instruction in its use and maintenance given.

Materials and equipment will be stored in a safe manner. Safe access to and egress from our premises will be maintained, in order to protect all users of the premises. Suitable facilities for your welfare at work will be provided and maintained, as will arrangements to enable you to obtain first aid.

The Managing Director has ultimate responsibility for health and safety within R & C Williams Limited. He has nominated the Logistics Manager as our competent person for health and safety. Other responsibilities for health and safety matters have been assigned to managers and supervisors, as appropriate and are described in the relevant procedures.

The Logistics Manager will oversee an annual review of this policy and associated procedures to ensure their continued effectiveness. Where necessary to ensure legal compliance and promote continuous improvement, the policy and associated procedures will be amended. Any amendments will be brought to the attention of all persons that need to know.

Protecting the Environment

The issue of climate change has never been greater, with the need for positive action essential. We are fully aware that some of the services we provide have a negative environmental impact attached to them, which is why we are constantly refining our existing processes and embracing new advancements in technology to lessen our impact.
We’ve spent the last few years finding ways to greatly reduce our noise pollution, water wastage, and exhaust fumes to name only a few, and have achieved the internationally recognised Environmental Management Standard ISO 14001:2004.