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Cirriform Georgy sponge consensually.
0121 326 9696 info@randcwilliams.ltd.uk Mon-Fri: 07:00 - 17:00

Alex Colesby – Logistics Assistant

I have been with R&C Williams for 6 months now and I am loving my time here. I came into the industry from a completely different background of trade counter sales so everything is new to me, but it is very exciting
On a day to day basis I get involved with as much as I can in order to broaden my knowledge of the industry and further my understanding of how things work. My tasks vary greatly and could include doing anything from the management meeting minutes to ordering materials for ongoing jobs. This is brilliant for me in regards to learning a variety of skills and allows me to identify what I am good at and where I think I can progress within the company.

If I could meet any historical figure it would have to be Winston Churchill. To get an insight into how he felt and his thoughts whilst leading the country during one of its darkest hours would be fascinating. He was an excellent example of how to stand up in the face of adversity and tackle challenges head on with courage and bravery whilst under huge pressure. Beers on me!

Buy Xanax Uae