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0121 326 9696 info@randcwilliams.ltd.uk Mon-Fri: 07:00 - 17:00

Dale Tiller – Contracts Manager

Starting off my career as a Mechanical Engineer I achieved an advanced apprenticeship while working after leaving school. I wanted to further my knowledge at University and change my career path slightly. I studied Civil Engineering at University for 4 years spending a year in Germany achieving my degree with honours. While going through the final stages of my degree I obtained a job at R&C Williams as a Technician progressing to a Site Manager and now Contracts Manager.

My main roles as a Contracts Manager vary day by day and there are always challenges to overcome. I manage contracts from pricing our client’s designs, to programming the works, overseeing all plant, labour, materials and subcontractors which includes all aspects of Health and Safety and finally all invoicing and accounts. This sort of role has seen me run individual contracts worth over 2 million pound along with the running of a variety of other contracts simultaneously. I am also involved in the companies’ quality systems which we recently achieved the ISO44001 standard.

My development and progress with R&C has be excellent so far and I intend to be a valuable asset growing with the company years to come.

If I could meet a historical figure it would have to be …. Bob Marley. Who wouldn’t want to meet Bob?!

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