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0121 326 9696 Mon-Fri: 07:00 - 17:00

Sam Drew – Contracts Manager

I have been employed by R&C Williams for approaching 4 years now after deciding to have a career change from an electrical foreman to the Civil Engineering industry as the industry has always been of interest to me. I was given the opportunity by R&C Williams to re-train at Wolverhampton University on a Civil Engineering HNC course and took this opportunity with both hands and graduated from the course in 2017.

My role at R&C Williams has progressively moved on over the short time of being here, I now have the role of Contracts Manager which on a day to day basis has all different types of challenges. My main roles include overseeing jobs and managing labour, plant and material to suit the jobs needs. I carry out all aspects of overseeing jobs from pricing to running the job and then eventually invoicing. I also oversee our transport department, in this part of my role I ensure that our designated Transport Manager is keeping up with the needs of his role and ensuring that we have a safe, clean and well maintained transport fleet.

If I could meet any historical figure it would be Thomas Edison.

Buy Xanax Uae